AI-powered travel platform Mindtrip launches

AI-powered travel platform Mindtrip launches

Travellers can discover, plan, customise, and book every aspect of travel in one place

AI-powered travel platform Mindtrip has announced the consumer launch of its platform. 

Combining conversational AI with the rich, visual travel content, Mindtrip is the first travel platform in the market to cater to the fluid ways consumers travel.

Whether you're a meticulous planner arranging flights and accommodations, a parent in search of family-friendly activities, an intrepid explorer seeking hidden gems, or someone craving an authentic local dining experience on a whim, Mindtrip simplifies the entire travel process. 

From planning and scheduling to booking and on-the-ground exploration, Mindtrip is said to offer a "comprehensive" solution, consolidating all essential travel resources into one platform.

“We believe that AI will become the new front door for many things we do in life, including travel planning, and we developed Mindtrip to cater to exactly how consumers travel today,” said Andy Moss, CEO and founder of Mindtrip

“We have taken the advancements of ChatGPT, and combined it with rich travel content from thousands of sources – to create the most accurate and engaging travel platform available today. 

"It’s thrilling to be a part of an all new solution that not only will make spreadsheet travel planning a thing of the past, but one that is destined to make a wealth of travelers' dream vacations a reality.”

Users visit the site, fill out a brief travel persona quiz, and start chatting with Mindtrip’s conversational AI. 

Conversations can cover a wide range of topics, from general inquiries like "Where is the best place to scuba dive nearby?" to more specific questions such as "What are the must-see attractions for my family on the Big Island in Hawaii?" or "Which destinations are ideal for a remote proposal?".

It then utilises its "vast" database of places sourced from over 30 countries to processes the information wiithin seconds, to provide a "tailored, practical, and inspiring" travel itinerary.

Featuring streamlined recommendations for everything travelers need, including the best flights, restaurants, cool boutique hotels, must-see attractions, and driving distances, 

Mindtrip’s itinerary is fully editable for ease, to move things around. 

Should a user discover or be inspired by another Mindtripper’s post, they can copy and customise it, or save proposed ideas to their favorites, where they can think on it and book at a later time and date.

Mindtrip has the ability to invite anyone they are traveling with, to weigh in and help co-create an itinerary. 

Throughout the process, Mindtrip will showcase photos, maps, review summaries, reservation options, and real-time pricing, so that users can gain a full view into their upcoming trip. 

While on their trip, users can reference what’s up next each day, including any ticket information that has been stored on the platform. 

Post-trip, users will then be able to use the platform to track expenses, scrapbook their adventure, and publish it.

This process allows others in the Mindtrip community to become inspired.

While in its closed Beta, Mindtrip quickly caught the attention of the industry, attracting a myriad of travel partners, from OTAs to tourism groups, airlines and hotels, and travel agents alike who have been keen to discuss partnership opportunities.