Iva Janoušková joins global transfer platform Daytrip as chief marketing officer

Iva Janoušková joins global transfer platform Daytrip as chief marketing officer

Her appointment is designed to 'solidify' Daytrip's global presence

Global private transfer platform Daytrip has announced the appointment of Iva Janoušková as its new chief marketing officer. 

This move strengthens the marketing team and comes after Daytrip doubled its pre-pandemic turnover last year and is expecting a record season this year.

Janoušková joins from Astratex, where she handled B2C marketing for the company and led a team of 40 people. 

Her role will be "crucial" in further solidifying Daytrip’s position as a global brand.

"The entire platform is growing rapidly, and alongside building our presence in the global market and meeting increased demand, we also want to focus on strengthening the brand and marketing as a whole,” said Markéta Bláhová, chief operating officer of Daytrip. 

“We operate in over a hundred countries and need to reach customers across different continents and cultures. Building a marketing team capable of that is definitely not an easy task. We have big plans and that's why we need someone who understands marketing inside out and knows how to build a strong marketing team. Iva is undoubtedly that person.” 

"At LMC, an operator of job recruitment websites, Janoušková led B2B communications for two of the largest job portals in the Czech Republic. 

"At Slevomat, she was responsible for the brand’s strategy. At Astratex, she handled B2C marketing for a company with a turnover in the hundreds of millions and led a team of 40 people. "I have no doubt that thanks to these experiences and skills, Iva will help us take the entire platform even further than it is now and strengthen our global brand," says Bláhová.

Janoušková added: "Private travel has become more prevalent over the years, with people no longer interested in visiting tourist-packed locations and navigating through crowds. 

"They want a local experience, culture, and their own driver to enhance their journey with personal stories and anecdotes."

She continued: “Daytrip is growing quickly and I am excited to be a part of this next chapter. My primary focus is to ensure that our customers return to us and that they recommend us to their friends as a love brand.”