Sojern and Travlrr join forces to offer destinations improved access to video marketing

Sojern and Travlrr join forces to offer destinations improved access to video marketing

Partnership will open access to vetted production agencies and influencers globally

Travel digital marketing solutions specialist Sojern and curated content platform Travlrr are combining efforts to offer enhanced digital services to destinations.

A new joint solution incorporating Sojern’s video lab and existing online marketing expertise will be offered to help DMOs reach potential travellers.

Luca Romozzi, Sojern commercial director, south Europe and tourism, said: “Video marketing is a key area of our multichannel strategy for destinations and at Sojern we believe that both production and distribution needs to be discussed together in order to build compelling storytelling content for your destination.

“We are thrilled that the partnership with Travlrr allows our existing and new clients to tap into hundreds of vetted production agencies and influencers around the world specialised in travel content marketing in a very sustainable way, with the added benefits of increased speed and low cost.”

Travlrr enables customers to produce bespoke high quality video content including premium storytelling destination films and shorter versions for social platforms, ads and influencer-led campaigns.

The firm also offers a privately curated network of local production companies, directors, videographers, specialists, photographers, and influencers who can create any form of video content.

This is managed by Travlrr’s cloud-based platforms and users can manage their workflows, and create content on the move in a faster, cheaper and more sustainable way.

said Darren Khan, chief executive and founder of Travlrr, said: “Due to the current pandemic, it is challenging to fly full crews and production kit and hence Travlrr’s unique proposition fills the gap in the market in a cost effective, sustainable and faster way than the traditional production model.

“With the huge acceleration of consumers to digital, clients need to find new ways to create engaging video content more often and Travlrr provides this exciting and innovative solution for Sojern and their clients”

Travlrr works with award-winning conservation charity, Trees for Life to provide a sustainability programme which helps cut the carbon footprint of a brand’s video, content and ad production.