PR firm Lemongrass launches social media and influencer marketing programme

PR firm Lemongrass launches social media and influencer marketing programme

Springboard is a eight-week series with virtual workshops

Lemongrass launches Springboard, a new social media and influencer marketing programme for travel brands to optimise and amplify their social media and content marketing

The eight-week programme, devised by the Lemongrass digital marketing team, provides a range of tools and tactics to enable brands to upskill their teams, provide guidance on publishing content, and effective strategies for brands to gain knowledge and build confidence for successful and impactful influencer engagement.

The virtual course will be curated and personalised to each brand’s requirements and delivered via a series of workshops, by the Lemongrass digital team. 

It includes four modules: audit and strategy, content pillars, assets and calendar and influencers, and travel brands will get discover what is and isn’t working for their audience, what content to prioritise, what gaps their competitors are leaving for them to fill, how to measure success in the long term, and which influencers will work for their brand. 

Abi Best, managing director of Lemongrass,said: “We increasingly talk to travel brands, whether a hotel, wellness resort, tourist board or tour operator that are struggling to implement  a successful social and influencer campaign. 

"This can be for a number of reasons; they may be struggling to find resources to prioritise social media marketing, unsure of what content is performing well or what to measure in order to grow their social media following and engagement.

"This programme has been specifically designed to address those challenges, offering clear and concise insight, practical guidance, practical steps to take and outcomes aligned with the company’s brand goals.”

Brands that choose the Springboard programme will receive a defined roadmap for success based on data and with measurable goal setting, a content audit of one social channel, a competitor analysis overview, defined SEO optimised content pillars to plan ongoing content and best-in-class content lookbook for inspiration. 

Brands are also provided with a template content calendar outlining social output for six months, a style guide aligned with brand guidelines, KPI’s to measure ongoing success, an influencer target list aligned with content pillars and suggested influencer activations aligned with brand goals. 

As an added bonus, the Lemongrass team will outreach and activate three influencer visits from the influencer target list.

Tara Schwenk, head of content marketing and search of Lemongrass, added: “This programme will be a game changer for travel brands and properties who want to remove the guesswork from their social media marketing efforts and gain a greater understanding of what they can do to optimise their social media output.

"We know that teams can be under resourced and overstretched. Social media marketing can often be put on the backburner, so we wanted to design an effective course within a clear framework that delivers tangible and valuable outcomes. 

"We also wanted to open it up to not just brand marketing teams to attend but anyone in the business who wants to learn and upskill their knowledge – there is no limit on numbers."

She concluded: "Our industry expertise will provide all the tools and thinking needed for brands to deliver on social media marketing objectives and ensure teams will be confident to apply the skills learnt to amplify their brand campaigns and achieve positive ROI.”