krow Group creates Eurail's global brand film

krow Group creates Eurail's global brand film

Campaign builds brand awareness for Eurail B.V. and consideration for meaningful, slow travel

Eurail B.V, the organisation behind the Eurail and Interrail Passes, has worked with full-communications agency, krow Group, to launch its global 2024 brand film, ‘Journey’.

It's designed to re-fram travel as a "voyage of discovery and connection", with a hope the film inspires and translates the uniqueness of cross border rail experiences into human emotions.

In 2023, Eurail B.V sold more than 1.2 million Eurail and Interrail Passes worldwide. Following on from this achievement, krow Group was tasked with bringing European train travel to life by representing the diverse and unique stories of over a million travellers who use Eurail to experience flexible and borderless train travel. 

Targeting solo Gen-Z travellers, millennial families and older couples, the narrative of the campaign, ‘Journey’, is made up of three micro storylines following the trips of these demographics.

To showcase the expansive rail network included in a Pass, the film was shot across locations in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. 

The storylines overlap with characters appearing in each other’s journey showing how connections occur with other travellers. 

This is illustrated by the elderly couple tenderly helping the millennial family before they rush off to catch their next train. To accompany the film, a track was composed specifically for the campaign by songwriter and artist Julie Thompson.

The campaign will run across all major paid digital and social media channels until the end of the summer.

Kavita Kooijman, global brand strategist of Eurail, said: “krow Group has effectively simulated the range of emotions our customers experience when travelling with a Eurail or Interrail Pass and shown just how far you can go with our Passes. 

"The film translates the importance of being curious when travelling and finding a connection with those you share the journey with.”

Owen Farrington, managing partner of krow Group, added: “Working on this project provided an amazing opportunity to explore the emotions tied to travel. 

"We had the chance to tell intimate, human stories, using the Eurail network as our backdrop. 

"The journey itself became a way to create deeper, more meaningful connections with family, friends, locals, and the places encountered along the way.”