Travolution European Summit 2019

Travolution European Summit 2019

Full coverage of this year’s event in London

‘Travel firms have the means to take on the datagopolists’
Personalise user experiences to protect against competition from online giants

Skills and innovation ‘vital in sector that has peaked’
New models and creative ideas needed to overcome stagnating growth

Growth in challenging market starts with business culture
Gain insights from what customers do after transaction, event hears

Gallery from this year’s event in London

‘Good technology can differentiate firms in tough times’
Firms well placed to stand out in a tight market, event hears

‘Invest in new platforms but don’t forget existing customers’
Use emerging channels to let customers contact you in new ways

Tech development ‘must match pace of customers’
Generation Z travellers driven by ‘purposeful storytelling over social platforms’

Travel Navigator introduces real-time safety app
Aim to drive ‘actionable information’ to users via mobile devices