Travel Un'chained 2023: Chain4Travel presents Camino Messenger

Travel Un'chained 2023: Chain4Travel presents Camino Messenger

New feature of the Camino blockchain was unveilved at the industry event

The second Web3 conference for the travel industry, Travel Un’chained, was hosted by travel blockchain startup Chain4Trave in Mallorca on October 9-11, 2023.

The industry event served as a platform for experts, innovators, and leading decision-makers in tourism to share the latest trends and developments around the Camino Network, Web3 technologies, and their impact on the travel sector.

Over 250 travel and technology managers from 160 leading tourism and tech companies attended this year’s Travel Un’chained event.

One of the big takeaways from the day was a presentation by Ralf Usbeck, CEO of Chain4Travel, who shared the decentralised Camino Messenger, a new feature of the Camino blockchain.

This messenger solution allows travel companies to connect to the network and instantly sell and purchase across the entire network, using one, uniform and efficient messaging standard.

The standard messaging solution reduces the need to maintain multiple direct connections and is said to “significantly decrease costs associated with connecting and maintaining numerous APIs for travel companies”.

It also enables “rapid” expansion of the product range and distribution, such as into new markets, through global collaboration with pre-verified travel companies in the Camino Network.

Camino Messenger operates with bots connected to each partner's wallets and sends encrypted search requests to the wallets of partners in the Camino Network.

Partners, in turn, respond with offers, which are also encrypted. Bookings are stored on the blockchain with basic data, while further booking data is kept private and decentralised.

Partners along the customer journey can access the booking data as needed, enabling improved and more personalized customer service.

The Messenger bridges the gap from Web2 to the Web3 world. It also has the ability for providers to set micro-fees for queries, so they can monetise data traffic.

Meanwhile other industry leaders took to the stage, including Jens Bischof, CEO of Eurowings, who shared his vision for the travel industry and his thoughts on startups like Chain4Travel.

Ralf Usbeck, CEO of Chain4Travel, said: "Camino is a collaborative project within the travel industry with tremendous potential, synergies, and innovative approaches.

“Our plans are mid to long-term. It is impressive to see what we have achieved in just one year since our first event - from implementing the basic technology to launching the Camino Network and seeing the first use cases live on Camino."