IDeaS enhances client experience through new features

IDeaS enhances client experience through new features

Educational events and live chat are some of the enhancements

Hospitality revenue management SaaS provider has announced it has redoubled its commitment to providing a "top-tier client experience" with new enhancements to the IDeaS learning journey. 

These new enhancement include the implementation of live chat support, monthly live learning events, quarterly panels and on-demand tailored virtual training sessions.  

Last year, the company introduced a Client-First Framework to evolve the client experience to meet tomorrow’s opportunities. 

In 2024, the company has expanded and enhanced its learning offerings to meet its client needs.

Sanjay Nagalia, co-founder, COO, and technology officer of IDeaS, said: “Providing a best-in-class client experience is one of the key drivers for our global teams. 

"Effective implementation, training, and system adoption are crucial for our clients’ day-to-day work and ensuring they gain the most ROI from our solutions. To do so requires an ongoing learning journey."

He added: "IDeaS is committed to listening to our clients, implementing the enhancements they need to be successful, and being a part of their journey today and tomorrow.” 

Coral Brevig, director, learning and development of IDeaS, said: “Client success is our success, and these enhancements to our support and training showcase our commitment to this shared goal. 

"Whether working with newcomers or well-established clients, I’m excited about our efforts to keep users engaged and confident across their journey with IDeaS solutions.”