Eurostar launches new brand campaign and loyalty programme

Eurostar launches new brand campaign and loyalty programme

It promises customers ‘together we go further'

Eurostar and Thalys have launched the newly created version of Eurostar, which brings together the two firms, to customers on 1 October 2023.

It launched a new website, a new app and a new loyalty programme as its first steps.

The firm, which hopes to carry 30 million passengers a year by 2030, unveiled its new Club Eurostar, a joint loyalty programme for MyThalysWorld and Club Eurostar members.

The Eurostar Club programme, with over 2.5 million members, "takes the benefits of the previous programmes even further" and is designed to be "generous", allowing members to earn points more quickly.

The programme has four statuses: Classique (0 to 499 points), Avantage (500 to 2899 points), Carte Blanche (2900 to 4999 points) and Etoile (over 5000 points).

Members earn 1 point for each euro/US dollar spent, and 1.2 points for each GBP spent. It retains the features that members have come to love: no hidden fees, no deadlines and no taxes.

Gwendoline Cazenave, CEO of Eurostar, said: "Today, with our teams and for our customers, we are writing a new page in the history of high-speed rail travel in Europe. With Eurostar, our customers will have Europe at their fingertips.

“Our ambition is clear: more Europe for a unique and sustainable travel experience.”

On its new brand, Eurostar said it is “reinventing the idea of sustainable travel in Europe, not just by train, but with a new brand, a new signature and a new campaign in film and out of home advertising”.

It’s chosen a star inspired by the North Star, the original train service linking Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam as its new symbol and new logo, which pays homage to the first Eurostar logo. It has a animated sparling graphic across it which acts as a compass and “embodies the brand's ambitions”.

Eurostar said its brand-new advertising campaign and campaign slogan ‘Together we go further’, “underlines the customer promise Eurostar stands for; to take them even further, thanks to its expanded network across five countries”.

The advert will be launched on television and in cinemas from 16 October in the five countries of the Eurostar network: France, Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK and Germany.  

François Le Doze, chief commercial officer of Eurostar, said: "Travel inspires us and renews our sense of creativity, which we wanted to bring to life in our new campaign.

“We wanted to create the feeling of excitement customers feel when they are about to embark on a journey to discover Europe.

He added: “We have packed the commercial and OOH ads with hidden details for the public to enjoy and discover the more they revisit, in the same way we explore our destinations.”

Richard Brim, chief creative officer of adam&eveDDB, said: "Travelling with Eurostar is always exciting - a way to open your eyes to new experiences and vibrant cultures.

“Our new campaign ‘Together we go further’ visualises that excitement in a really engaging way - fusing real-life imagery with creative illustrations and animations that bring to life the unique character of the individual locations and of the brand as a whole.”.