Direct ATPI unveils Microsoft Teams integration

Direct ATPI unveils Microsoft Teams integration

The travel management company announced its two-phased roll-out plan

The global business travel management company Direct ATPI has revealed it has launched the integration of its platform with Microsoft Teams, to consolidate the travel process.

Announced at this year’s Business Travel Tech Show Europe, the company shared that a select group of clients will pilot the tech integration before rolling it out in full to all in the autumn.

Phase one will see customers update traveller profiles, view, plan, approve and discuss business trips within Microsoft Teams, without the need to use any other products on their browser.

Phase two, which is set to launch later in the year, will see the full integration of Direct ATPI’s concierge service into the application, which will enable travellers to self-serve and communicate using AI.

Microsoft Teams’ integration with the TMC’s proprietary technology comes following feedback from Direct ATPI’s travel buyers. 

They found demand the top demands for travel buyers in a post pandemic landscape include easy access to invoices, itineraries, passport and visa information within the applications they use in their day-to-day lives. 

The company’s latest innovation will seek to provide “hassle-free business travel” through its profile, invoice, approval and itinerary platform via the technology their customers use every day.

Jenny Thornton, director of digital services of Direct ATPI, said: “Direct ATPI has a long history of being one step ahead and defining new ways of working, and this innovation will continue to bring us closer to where our customers are, as well as appeal to the tech-savvy and time-conscious travellers of the future.

“This, alongside our partnership with Amadeus and their groundbreaking Cytric Easy platform with Microsoft Teams, really does stand us apart from the rest.”

Last year the company launched its offerings in WhatsApp, to further expand its multi-channel communication.

Clients now remain in communication with travellers while on the move, as well as outside of traditional 9-5 working hours.