Amadeus claims up to 25% uplift in conversions with new iHotelier booking engine

Amadeus claims up to 25% uplift in conversions with new iHotelier booking engine

The GDS and tech giant says its new platform integrates website and booking engine to provide a more intuitive shopping experience

Amadeus claims to have seen up to a 25% increase in conversion rates for early adopters of its new iHotelier booking engine versus previous solutions. 

The platform has been developed to offer a simplified shopping experience, expanded upsell and enhancement capabilities, and configurable booking flow.

Amadeus says this is able top support a more personalised experience to increase revenue opportunities for hotel partners. 

The GDS said: “The rapid pace of consumer online shopping has contributed to demand for a hotel booking experience that is simple, intuitive, and personalised to guest needs. 

“Independent hoteliers rely on their booking engines to help improve the shopping experience, increase direct conversion rates, and drive higher revenue per booking.” 

The new iHotelier unifies and enhances the guest experience integrating website and the booking engine into a singular shopping experience. 

Amadeus said by keeping reservation details in one platform, the booking flow remains consistent, delivers a modern shopping experience, and decreases abandonment. 

The firm claimed beta tests with The Handlery Hotel in San Francisco and The Abbey Inn & Spa in New York have seen 25% and 16% increases respectively in booking conversion rates versus previous solutions. 

Heather Cox, corporate director of revenue and rooms at Hay Creek Hotels, said: “As the Hay Creek Group expands, it’s important for us to be able to deliver consistently good service, train new staff efficiently, and ensure that each of our properties is maximizing the value of every potential guest. 

“The new iHotelier® booking engine has helped enhance the value of our website and make it easier than ever for guests to select and book add-ons. 

“The use of one platform for website and booking engine will also make it more efficient to train our people as our organization continues to expand. 

“It’s a good example of why Amadeus is a preferred technology partner of ours. They are continuously ahead of the game, developing what we will need next to run our business as effectively and profitably as possible.” 

Kristy Doi, reservations manager at Handlery Union Square Hotel, added: “As a family-owned and operated hotel, we want all our guests to feel like they are visiting their home away from home when they stay with us. 

“It’s important to us to be able to offer guests, both new and old, the opportunity to easily identify and secure the best deals on the market when they book with us directly and for us to have the ability to personalise offers for them. 

“The data insights we can gather and use from the new iHotelier® booking engine means that we can make every guest's experience unique and memorable by tailoring our offers and services based on what our guests want.” 

Marc Liebman, senior vice president enterprise platform product management at Amadeus. said: 

“At Amadeus we are constantly innovating and listening to both the needs of our customers and the hotel industry at large. 

“Our new booking engine builds on the award-winning iHotelier platform and our powerful Amadeus Integrated Booking Suite Amadeus Integrated Booking Suite – which combines CRS, CRM, and Web – by delivering a seamless and integrated shopping experience for guests. 

“The increased conversion rates we are seeing in beta testing are very promising and we’re very excited to bring this new, unified booking platform to the market.”