Poll finds opposition to in-flight mobile phone use

Almost half of UK travellers oppose the use of mobile phones on aircraft, according to a new study.

The poll of more than 1,500 people found that 47% believed that in-flight mobile phone use would disturb their peace.

When asked if they welcomed a change in legislation to allow passengers to use their mobile phones for calling and texting after take-off, 34% thought that it was about time regulation was relaxed and 19% did not care either way.
The poll, by independent consumer site www.mobilephone-expert.co.uk, also revealed significant differences in opinion according to age.

Fifty eight per cent of over 35s said mobile phone use while flying would disturb their peace compared to an average of 26% in lower age ranges.

The company’s commercial director Rob Webber said: “Airlines are obviously under pressure to compete for business by differentiating themselves in any way that they can. 

“We would have thought, however, that the over 35s would provide an attractive demographic for the travel sector. 

“If such a high percentage feels strongly enough to avoid travelling with a particular airline because it allows mobile phone calls during the flight, then this change to the rules could have a huge impact on an airline’s business.”

In February last year budget carrier Ryanair began trials allowing mobile phone use during flights although a full fleet roll out was prevented in April when the provider OnAir terminated an agreement over a dispute about timing.


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