Multicom becomes Paxport Group UK following buyout

Multicom becomes Paxport Group UK following buyout

Travel software firm Multicom is to operate under the new name of Paxport Group UK after being taken over by the Swedish merchandising distribution system provider last year.

Paxport will base its technology centre at Multicom’s base in Bristol while its merchandising base remains in Stockholm.

The business will combine its merchandising and ancillary expertise with the latest technology to aggregate and distribute, underpinning its merchandising distribution system (MDS).

Paxport is driving the adoption of Iata’s new distribution capability standard as a strategic partner.

Chief executive, Tony Barker, said: “We are delighted to be moving forward with a single Paxport identity for all of our operations.

“We will seek to leverage the growing trend to provide a more agile market focused distribution content with e-commerce and merchandising services.”

He added: “Paxport’s MDS offers resellers the opportunity to create a more attractive and seamless journey for the customer and deliver a complete end-to-end travel experience.

“It allows our customers to create clear competitive advantages with stronger branding and include other services that the traveller requires.

“We will continue the evolution of our business, ensuring we remain proactive and agile as well as more product- and customer orientated.”

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