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The original pioneer of e-commerce, the travel industry accounts for almost double that of other sectors in terms of business-to-business electronic payments, making it the perfect environment for innovation to flourish. e-Payments continue to evolve and adapt to the needs of agents and bookers across the industry.

Some of the biggest challenges currently facing the industry are travel booking fees and the impact of credit card surcharges on profit margins, not to mention reconciling supplier payments with customer orders. The sheer complexity of travel distribution, and the variations in business models, along with this squeeze on margins, has led to a necessity for payment processes to be as streamlined and efficient as possible but maintain a clear audit trail.

Below you can view our free webinar on virtual card payment solutions to learn how to resolve many of these issues. Hear from WEX, CorporatePay and Grupo Transhotel about developments in the market, the benefits of using virtual payment solutions and the experience of implementing this solution.



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