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Full coverage from Travolution’s first Digital Lunchbox event, hosted by Facebook and sponsored by d-flo and Intent Media.

Blend man and machine to perfect personalisation

Personalisation in digital advertising can sometimes go ‘too far’ at which point human input is needed to make the process more impactful. The warning of over-doing

Put honesty and transparency at the heart of your personalisation strategy

Ensuring honesty and transparency are woven into your firm’s digital personalisation strategy is essential for any good business. Speakers at Travolution’s first Digital …

HotelTonight highlights the power of partnerships in travel

Partnering with specialists can be preferable to trying to do everything in-house, according to Tui Travel’s director of digital marketing. Dan Robb joined managing director …

Social is vital, but be sure to craft your message

Industry experts warned that while embracing social media is paramount to reducing friction in the online travel journey for customers, it should be handled carefully. The warning …