WTM 2022: Travelgenix and Travel Marketing Systems join forces to make travel sellers more efficient

WTM 2022: Travelgenix and Travel Marketing Systems join forces to make travel sellers more efficient

Online bookability and automated marketing technology providers combine to provide small to medium size travel retailers with the solutions to compete with the web giants

Travelgenix and Travel Marketing Systems (TMS) have joined forces to offer their booking and marketing solutions together to help small and medium sized travel retailers compete online.

Travelgenix has developed a modular bookable website solution that enables smaller firms to have an internet presence with functionality to match the industry giants at a fraction of the cost.

TMS’s suite of marketing solutions provide agents with the ability to create digital and physical in-store displays, bespoke email communications and to create and manage social posts.

The firms have struck a deal which has seen them integrate their solutions and are co-promoting each other’s technology to potential clients.   

Steve Rushton, founder of TMS, said the tie-up will help agents who have limited resources in house to take book more of the enquiries they generate through the TMS technology.

“It gives agents an online bookable solution,” he said. “What Andy’s system means is if they send a quote out on Friday and the customer wants to book on Sunday they can without someone having to be in the office.

“What we have worked out is that behind the scenes for my clients this is going to save them human resource in-house. They don’t need an extra person because Andy’s system takes care of the booking.”

Andy Speight, founder and chief executive of travelgenix.io, said once smaller agents have the technology to compete, the next challenge is finding the tome to drive thir visibility in the marketplace.

“The key thing is efficiency for the agents, making them much more productive at a time where they cannot employ people. This is a story we hear all the time, that people can’t get staff. They are time short so not only have the challenge of how to do it they don’t have the time to do it.

“Our live bookable content is now promotable via Steve’s marketing. Rather than being static content from tour operators, travel agents can now use our software to do the search, find the product and automatically push it out.”

Travelgenix customers are being offered the TMS solution for free for a year, as part of the co-promotion, and TMS customers are being offered a discounted package with Travelgenix.

Rushton said TMS is working on developing a dashboard to give its customers insights into the efficacy of their social marketing activity.