WTM 2022: Inspiretec aims for UK market dominance with new agent back office

WTM 2022: Inspiretec aims for UK market dominance with new agent back office

The Cardiff-based travel software developer is building new technology for retailers on the back of its Customer Relationship Management platform

Inspiretec is developing a new travel agency back office system which it confidently expects will capture at least half of the UK market in the next three years.

The Cardiff-based travel software developer says the retail sector needs a new travel agent management system that employs the latest technology.

It plans to officially launch the platform this time next year and already has clients signed up and ready to use it once it has been built.

Simon Powell, chief executive of Inspiretec, said the agency back office is, in effect, an additional module to the Customer Relationship Management system it has developed.

“It’s a brand new platform using the latest technology. Actually, we have been poorly served in the travel agent management system space for many years.

“No one has actually come up with a new platform for the past 15 years at least. Clients want to be serviced in the way they want to be services, not in the way current technology limits that service.

“I would not be investing in this if we did not already have the CRM at the core. This is, in reality, an extension of our CRM platform that manages clients and bookings, adding on additional functionality as a travel agency management system.”

The Inspiretec CRM was developed to be an international product and is already being used in five countries. The agency back office will also be fully international from launch.

Inspiretec has also launched Connect, a automated flight changes system that was inspired by the challenges of the COVID pandemic. 

The system scrapes the information from emails sent by airlines and tour operators and aligns that with booking data to automatically alert retailers’ clients of the change.

Messages sent via messaging systems like WhatsApp will then direct the traveller to a self-service portal where they can verify that they have been notified of the change.

“It automates quite an onerous process that takes a lot of time and resources for no real gain for the retailer,” said Powell.

As well as the CRM integration with intuitive’s iVector hotel reservations system announced at WTM, Inspiretec has completed a number of other tie-ups with travel tech developers. 

The CRM has also been integrated with TourPlan and Vibe allowing users to automatically feed it with the data it needs to provide meaningful insights. 

The firm has also integrated with Widgety for cruise content and product, is poised to start working with Tour Amigo for tours and activities and is in talks with Dreamlake. 

Powell said: “Modern technology is easier to integrate today. There’s no technology company that can be fantastic at everything.”

A recent trade survey by Inspiretec found the number one need among travel firms is technology and specifically CRM.

Powell said while the war in Ukraine and the cost of living crisis is bound to impact the sector, it remains to be seen to what extent.

“As an industry, it’s bound to have an effect, there will be a downturn, but there seems to be such a buzz that what the extent of that will be is difficult to put your finger on and I do not think it will be as bad as you might fear.”