Tripadvisor Autumn index reveals continued intent to travel despite cost-of-living crisis

Tripadvisor Autumn index reveals continued intent to travel despite cost-of-living crisis

More than two third of Brits are planning breaks during the Autumn season but some are expecting financial constraints to change the way they travel

Latest consumer sentiment research from Tripadvisor has found most Brits intend to travel this Autumn despite the impact of the cost-of-living crisis, inflation and rising interest rates.

The global travel reviews site analysed first party search and proprietary consumer sentiment data assess the market as the peak summer season draws to a close.

With interest rates having risen to 1.75% and inflation in double figures, it is feared that the impact on disposable income will hit travel sales throughout the remainder of 2022 and into 2023.

The Tripadvisor Autumn Travel Index found over two-thirds of UK respondents (68%) say that they are planning an Autumn break this year. 

Millennials were the most likely to take a trip this Autumn, with almost three-quarters (73%) saying that they plan to do so, while babyboomers were the least likely at 60%.

The survey suggests that while spiralling costs won’t put Brits off travelling, three out of five (60%) said that inflation will impact the way in which they travel. 

Thirty percent said that they will likely travel for shorter lengths of time and the same number said that they will likely travel somewhere closer to home than previously planned. 

Gen Z travellers appeared to be the most affected by price hikes with 69% saying the rising cost of living will change the way that they intend to travel. Babyboomers reported being the least affected with just 31% saying the same.

Tripadvisor said: “For the majority of Brits, continued rising costs are unsurprisingly prompting consumers to alter their spending habits, inclusive of adjusting their travel plans. 

“Despite rising costs, however,  the survey also showed that two out of five (37%) Brits still intend to travel as planned this Autumn - inflation be damned. 

“For many, it seems that a holiday is too precious to give up and Brits would rather cut back on expenses elsewhere to protect that all important time away. 

“In fact, forty-three percent of UK respondents said that they plan to travel more this Autumn than they did during the same period last year, rising to 69% for Gen Z travellers when breaking out by generation. 

“More than one in two (53%) Brits plan to spend more with two-thirds (66%) of Gen Z travellers claiming they’ll do the same. 

“This is also reflected in traveller behaviour, as Tripadvisor site data shows that the average value of a trip booked by UK travellers this Autumn is 83% higher than the same period in 2021. 

“Brits are revealed as the biggest spenders globally (of the five markets analysed) after Americans.”