Travelogix becomes Advantage Travel Partnership’s preferred global data partner

Travelogix becomes Advantage Travel Partnership’s preferred global data partner

First jointly produced Global Business Travel Review published to mark the tie-up

Travelogix has been made a preferred data partner for members of the Advantage Travel Partnership and its global network AGN. 

The travel agency consortium said “greater collaboration on data driven content and analysis, the enhanced relationship will provide thought leadership around key industry issues”. 

Marking the expanded partnership, Advantage and Travelogix has launched the first jointly produced ‘Global Business Travel Review’ providing insights into key industry data from 2019 through to the first three months of 2022. 

Further quarterly reports will provide up-to-date analysis as well as forecasts for a recovering industry following the COVID pandemic.

As a preferred partner, Travelogix will provide preferential rates and enhanced commercial terms to Advantage members both in the UK and globally in 82 countries worldwide. The partnership will also involve collaborative marketing activities.

 Sonia Michaels, head of global business travel services and events at The Advantage Travel Partnership, said: “We are thrilled to be expanding our partnership with Travelogix to provide additional new benefits to our members. 

“Similarly, we are looking forward to working together on several exciting projects as well as new activities including the launch of the ‘Global Business Travel Review’

Chris Lewis, Founder and chief executivof Travelogix, added: “Enhancing our relationship with The Advantage Travel Partnership was high on the agenda for 2022, so I am delighted we are now launching our first jointly produced Global Business Travel Review, which cements our plans to work together more. 

“Becoming the preferred data supplier for Advantage means we can now start to implement a collaborative strategy that will aim to provide great value across the partnership globally. 

“Our brand management and communication strategies are key components for Travelogix and will form the basis of a successful 2022. Working in partnership for our quarterly industry report is the first step of a diligently thought-out marketing strategy that will be very exciting to watch unfold.”