Fareteam flight booking platform designed by agents for agents launches

Fareteam flight booking platform designed by agents for agents launches

Consolidator World Travel Centre says tool is aimed at businesses of all sizes

A new flight booking platform “designed by travel agents for travel agents” has been launched by consolidator World Travel Centre (WTC).

The Fareteam platform is available to agents in both the UK and Ireland, where World Travel Centre is established.

Its Agent Booking Tool offers access thousands of fares which are “bookable at the click of a button”. GDS and NDC fares are available.

Fareteam says it “offers value and efficiency benefits to every size of business, from the one-man band to multi-branch operations”.

Aidan Coghlan, group managing director of WTC, believes travel agencies are searching for “simple access to the best value air content” as the industry begins to emerge from the Covid crisis.

“At WTC we used the Covid hiatus to invest and develop Fareteam with an aim to make our customers more competitive and efficient now that demand for long-haul travel is returning,” he said.

“Crucially, Fareteam embraces New Distribution Capability (NDC) where available, in addition to the traditional GDS content. We hope to help customers successfully negotiate this shift and provide them with access to cheaper fares and content not available in the GDS.

“We were proud to be at the forefront of this shift when we became one of the first agents to secure BA’s NDC accreditation and we have further airline implementations under way.”

Coghlan added: “Due to our dual presence in the UK & IRL, Fareteam offers discounted fares from both markets; an advantage offered by few, if any, competitors.”

Agents can request a demo before signing-up to the platform. Professional support is available over the phone.

Glenn Lowry, business solutions manager, added: “We are invested in our customers’ success and aim to give them the edge by providing unprecedented access to all our discounted content.

“This can only be achieved via a booking tool which is completely tailored to meet their needs, utilising the latest technology and a commitment to continuously invest and improve.”