Expedia Explore 2019: Big data and AI to change travel experience

Expedia Explore 2019: Big data and AI to change travel experience

Online experience will be more personalised and tailored as Expedia makes “a tremendous bet on AI”

The Expedia Group said in the next decade almost all user experience will be personalised and tailored as big data and AI drives change in consumer habits.

Abhijit Pal, head of research travel partners group said: “We are making a tremendous bet on AI, you’ve heard about big data and the value of big data. No one knew how to use it, but now the reality of it is now coming.

“We want to keep moving forward and we’re always looking to the future because we haven’t reduced friction completely. There are always new ways to innovate and solve user problems.”

Pal said that in the next decade, all experiences are going to personalised and tailored to the user not just in travel but in other sectors such as medicine and entertainment. He added: “We’re transforming our company to accelerate and drive that change. We are in a position where we understand our customers beyond a single trip purpose, we know their entire life cycle and know they are not just a leisure or business customer. Because we have that kind of information, we can start extracting that data to create much better algorithms to train that AI. “

Expedia is focusing on personalised experience with products such as partner central chatbot, shuttle tracking technology, VIP access, trip assistance, and conversation platforms.

Pal said: “We know friction expands beyond the shopping, research and booking experience. It can extend to travel, and we know that with the data we have we can assist them on that journey.

“Our goal is not to remove all friction as it provides meaning to our existence and provides purpose. If we reduce friction in online experiences, then you can experience the offline world more”.