Boxever plugs gap in customer insights data with web optimisation tool

Boxever plugs gap in customer insights data with web optimisation tool

Firms can react in real-time to user requirements and preferences

A new website performance optimisation product from Boxever will help travel firms react in real-time to user requirements and preferences, according to the customer intelligence specialist.

The Dublin-based technology developer says the product will support a more sophisticated and individualised approach to personalising customer experience online and help brands dispense with more simplistic targeting strategies.

A lack of real-time customer data and a time lag between accessing analytics and being able to act on the insights they offer, means brands are often unable to react to signals from customers about what they are looking for.

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The negative impact on the consumer experience was revealed in a Boxever YouGov consumer survey commissioned in December that revealed 78% of respondents were frustrated by untargeted and irrelevant marketing, and 67% said they would consider shopping elsewhere if communication was poorly personalised.

Boxever said its new solution will give marketers updated information allowing them the opportunity to provide more personalised experiences customers.

Dave O’Flanagan, chief executive and co-founder of Boxever, said: “Marketers have always loved the insights provided by our customer data platform, but when it came to website optimisation, they wanted more agility.”

Recognized by Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for personalisation engines, Boxever’s program uses Gartner’s metrics for industry standards, including, conversion, total revenue, average order value (AOV), and ROI as industry success benchmarks.

O’Flanagan added: “Before, our users needed IT to help connect experiences into the browser, but out web optimisation solution has changed that. Marketers can now directly design and launch insight-fuelled experiments and personalisation independently.”

“We are really excited to launch this unique proposition.”