Coronavirus: TripAdvisor to cut quarter of workforce and close offices in the US

Coronavirus: TripAdvisor to cut quarter of workforce and close offices in the US

900 jobs to go at review site and OTA, 600 of which in US

TripAdvisor is reportedly cutting a quarter of its global workforce as it cuts costs in response to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

The review company and OTA is also closing offices in San Francisco and Boston as part of the cost-cutting measures.

Around 600 of the 900 roles being lost at the company are in the US, and most remaining employees are being made to switch to a four-day week for three months from June 1 and take a corresponding 20% pay cut.

“These are the most difficult cost-saving decisions I have ever had to make,” wrote chief executive Steve Kaufer in a email to staff, Bloomberg reported. “This is a tough day on many levels, and this pandemic has been nothing short of surreal.”

Kaufer said he would forgo his salary for 2020, and predicted the full impact of the pandemic o the business was yet to come.

But he said: “I am confident that our business and the industry will recover.”

Martin Verdon-Roe, vice-president B2B Hotels at Tripadvisor, posted the following message on TripAdvisor:

“I have been very proud to work at TripAdvisor for just over 13 years. We have seen amazing highs and some difficult times but the impact of COVID is by far the hardest situation we have faced both as a business and at a personal level.

“We have an amazing culture and our people are some of the best in the world at what they do. It is their drive, skills and passion that has made TripAdvisor such a successful brand and service for our travellers and our 8.5 million partners.

“It is incredibly sad to now be saying goodbye to nearly 25% of our global workforce. If anyone in my network is looking to hire then please post your opportunity into our newly created TripAdvisor alumni network.

“To all of my friends at TripAdvisor please let me know if I can make any connections for you through my network. I am happy to help you in any way that I can. It is a tough time indeed but there will be brighter times ahead for everyone.”