Seabourn launches VR restaurant staff training experience

Seabourn launches VR restaurant staff training experience

Firm touts ‘huge potential for immersive learning’

Pixvana, a specialist in virtual reality (VR) technology, has developed a training module for restaurant staff working for luxury cruise line Seabourn.

The new interactive VR training video named TableVision enables new Seabourn employees to master the 105 table, 12 serving station dining room more efficiently without access to internet or the room.

Rocky Sudlesky, the Seabourn Fleet learning and development lead specialist, said: “A major hurdle to staff training is the fact that the ship is almost always in full operation, with the dining room perpetually occupied with either customers or the cleaning crew.

“Finding a window of time to manually train new employees was both cumbersome and inefficient. Instead, we turned to the pros at Pixvana who handled everything from creative design to post-production and headset implementation.

“The end result is a completely tailored training experience that not only saves Seabourn Learning and Development time and money, but also provides staff with a more engaging, efficient and accessible opportunity to learn.”

Pixvana used its proprietary VR-native platform SPIN Studio and its production team to design and create the project in entirety.

After analysing the environment and drafting an optimised day-of plan, the team executed a four-hour on-set shoot, creating 26 scenes connected by 90 hyper ports. Over 300 assets were then applied in a post-production period, including branded, togglable graphic labels over the tables.

The “highly engaging” experience simulates the psychological experience of wandering through the dining room with interactive tools that enhance training recall.

Pixvana also provided access to its proprietary VR casting feature, giving Seabourn Learning and Development the ability to conduct VR training sessions even when offline.

Using VR casting, TableVision can be securely transmitted and downloaded to any Oculus Go headset in the highest resolution, ready to be accessed at any moment and from any point around the globe.

Rachel Lanham, chief operating officer of Pixvana, added: “Pixvana is the only VR company in the world that offers clients access to both an award-winning creative services team and the power of a proprietary VR-native platform.

“By creating tailored VR training experiences that leverage the VR superpowers – presence, empathy and immersion – we can maximise workforce engagement and retention.

“We believe there’s huge potential for immersive learning in the corporate world and Seabourn’s dedication to unparalleled service puts them at the forefront of innovative training in the cruise industry.”

Upon complete roll out of TableVision across each of Seabourn’s custom dining rooms, Pixvana will work to complete more training experiences for Seabourn Learning and Development, helping them develop an overall strategy to integrate VR into their investments in training innovation and improve results.