TravelPerk launches GreenPerk to help business travellers offset their carbon

TravelPerk is launching new program to help customers offset carbon emissions

TravelPerk has launched GreenPerk, a new product that allows corporate travellers and companies the ability to offset their travel-related CO2 footprint directly.

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Demands for eco-friendly travel are increasing as the modern workforce grows more concerned about its impact on the environment, said the online travel management platform.

TravelPerk says it found current products in the market only provide data on carbon impact and do not provide solutions.

It hopes that through GreenPerk companies will realise their carbon output and select a solution that aligns with their sustainability strategy at the click of a button.

TravelPerk customers that choose to opt in to GreenPerk will pay €27 for every tonne of CO2 emitted by their flights, hotel stays, train journeys or car rentals.

The firm says this amount is typically 4% of the cost of a business trip, and the money paid through GreenPerk will go towards carbon mitigation projects supported by the UN.

To complement GreenPerk’s launch, TravelPerk claims it is also committing to offsetting 100% of its own carbon expenditure from employee travel.

It has partnered with non-profit Atmosfair to deliver GreenPerk’s carbon offsetting which combine climate action with sustainable development.

Projects that will be supported by GreenPerk reportedly include the construction of household biogas plants in rural Nepal to replace firewood for cooking; the Solar Home System project in Ethiopia that replaces inefficient household kerosene lamps with solar-powered ones; and the construction of biomass plants in India that use crop residues to generate electricity.

Dr. Dietrich Brockhagen, chief executive at Atmosfair, said: “Companies now have the option of offsetting all of their carbon directly at booking and make climate a factor for their travel choices.”

GreenPerk will also provide customers with data and actionable insights to help them modify and potentially improve their future travel behaviour to reduce their carbon footprint over time.

Avi Meir, chief executive and co-founder of TravelPerk, said: “The environmental impact of business travel is a critically important issue and something that everyone in our industry has a duty to engage with seriously.”

“Businesses will always need their employees to travel in order to meet customers, prospects and colleagues in-person but, increasingly, they also want to be able to manage their business travel in a responsible, sustainable way.”

“At TravelPerk, this is something that we care deeply about so we wanted to do more than just provide surface-level solutions. Giving customers insights and data is helpful but we wanted to go a step further and offer a credible and simple option that would allow businesses to actually take action themselves.”

“Through the launch of GreenPerk and our partnership with Atmosfair, we believe we can help businesses make long-term sustainable changes in how they travel.”

“We are very proud of this offering, which marks another crucial step in our long-term ambition to build a world-class platform that sets new standards for business travel, across all areas of the industry.”