Vueling unveils Dohop virtual interlining service with launch carrier LEVEL

Vueling unveils Dohop virtual interlining service with launch carrier LEVEL

More airlines are due to be added to Spanish carrier’s platform this year

Spain’s largest carrier Vueling has launched a new virtual interlining service of long-haul connections to partner airlines developed with technology partner Dohop.

The new Vueling Global service offers customers a wide range of connecting flights to long-haul destinations across Vueling’s network and through connections to partner airlines.

Vueling Global is available to customers booking flights from Barcelona to Buenos Aires, through its partnership with LEVEL, the first IAG parent group airline to join the network.

This will be extended to customers booking flights to San Francisco later this month, and to New York and Cancun in July.

Vueling and LEVEL customers will be able to make online reservations to and from destinations offered by both companies on the same platform.

Customers who want to purchase a ticket from Seville to San Francisco, or from Bilbao to Buenos Aires, will be able to do so with a single reservation managed through the Vueling Global platform.

The service will enable Vueling to boost its connections with long-distance flights from Barcelona-El Prat airport. More airlines will be added to the platform this year.

Charlotte Dumesnil, Vueling director of sales, distribution and alliances, said: “Vueling has been making connections for years between its own network, group airlines such as LEVEL, and others including Qatar or American Airlines.

“More than 10% of our passengers in 2019 were connecting. This tool only makes it easier for our clients to make decisions and broadens their range of possibilities, as well as converting El Prat into an airport with intercontinental connections.”

Víctor González, head of network and alliances at LEVEL, said: “We are delighted to be the first airline selected to be part of Vueling Global.

“With this alliance we can expand the distribution of our flights, to reach more people and bring our destinations in America closer to Spain and Europe, via Barcelona.”

David Gunnarsson, chief executive of Dohop, added: “Vueling is a highly innovative airline which is able to move quickly and adapt to changing customer demands.

“As travellers search for complex long-haul flights, to destinations across the world, they want an airline that can offer a safe, seamless service from start to finish.

“Using our technology, Vueling is able to develop partnership and commercial opportunities with airlines around the world and Vueling Global enables the airline to offer new services and reach new markets.”