Travelport announces extended partnership with Canadian wholesaler Agencia Global

Travelport announces extended partnership with Canadian wholesaler Agencia Global

Voyages à La Carte parent has shifted more business to the GDS to access relevant air content

Travelport has expanded its partnership with full-service Canadian wholesaler Voyages à La Carte.

Parent, B2B platform Agencia Global has opted to move more of its business to Travelport for access to relevant Air India content and a wider range of options from global carriers.

The wholesaler is looking to increase diversity of content, reduce costs and improve efficiency, according to Travelport.

Agencia Global will use Travelport branded fares and ancillaries to broaden its range of booking options available and New Distribution Capability (NDC) content.

Travelport will also provide the travel wholesaler with market insight through its Business Insights data.

Ryan Saroli, chief executive, of Agencia Global, said: “We always strive to offer highly relevant and competitive airline content to our agents.

“Our recently expanded collaboration with Travelport provides more travel options for our agents and their customers, while enabling our internal service and operations teams to leverage Travelport’s efficient and robust technology platforms.”

Robert Brown, global vice president and managing director, global online travel agency sales said:

“We are dedicated to helping our global customers restore confidence in travel and improve their capabilities.

“I am excited about our expanded relationship and new multi-year agreement with Agencia Global, which allows us to deliver more value with greater business intelligence and access to the widest range of content available.”