Sabre expands IAG multi-year distribution agreement to include NDC content

Sabre expands IAG multi-year distribution agreement to include NDC content

Partnership is committed to 'advancing the NDC standard' through offers and orders

Sabre Corporation has unveiled it's entered into a multi-year distribution agreement with International Airlines Group (IAG) that will expand their existing partnership and further promote modern travel retailing practices.

The agreement will allow Sabre-connected travel buyers and agencies to sell traditional EDIFACT content as well as having access to NDC offers from British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus and Vueling through the Sabre travel marketplace globally, including additional price points and ancillaries.

This enhanced content will provide travel agencies with a wider range of options to compare and shop for, while travellers will benefit from an improved experience with more choice and transparency.

Sabre and IAG’s airlines will work close together to communicate when NDC content is rolled out to Sabre-connected travel agencies on a carrier-bycarrier basis.

The agreement between Sabre and IAG is said to underscore the industry's shift towards modern travel retailing, where airlines can differentiate their offerings and provide more personalised experiences to travellers.

Both Sabre and IAG are “committed to advancing the NDC standard as a key component in the industry’s evolution towards modern airline retailing" enabled by offers and orders.

Colm Lacy, chief commercial officer of British Airways, said: “We are on a journey to A Better BA and we continue to invest across the business as part of that commitment.

“Not only are we improving the experience of those customers who fly with us, but also the way we work with our valued travel agent and travel buyer partners.

“We understand how valuable retailing is to them, and IAG’s partnership with Sabre allows us to make a wide range of attractable offers available even further across the globe.”

This agreement is another milestone in IAG’s strategy to embrace digital retailing practices and offer more opportunities for customers to access NDC content.

The partnership with IAG demonstrates Sabre’s continued commitment to” driving value and serving the diverse interests of the global travel ecosystem”.

Roshan Mendis, chief commercial officer of Sabre Travel Solutions, said: “We are very excited about what’s ahead.

“The travel industry is entering a new era of personalised retailing that will bring better experiences for travellers and new revenue opportunities for airlines and travel agencies.”

“It’s fantastic to work with a strong, forward-thinking partner like IAG that is just as committed as we are to driving the industry forwards.”