Dohop and AirlinePros look for “win win” with intermodal virtual interlining

Dohop and AirlinePros look for “win win” with intermodal virtual interlining

Technology platform will be used to combine airline networks with rail providers

Virtual airline interlining technology specialist Dohop has started working with AirlinePros on intermodal travel connecting flights with rail.

The partnership will see airline partners integrate their networks with rail providers. Dohop said this will result in a “win-win situation for both suppliers and consumers”.

It added there is a demand for new technology platforms that smoothly combine air to rail transactions  and provide seamless connections between.

David Gunnarsson, chief executive of Dohop, said: “Establishing a partnership with AirlinePros is of great value  to us.

“They work with plenty of airlines so they have an extensive network, and they have great  people with significant industry background and experience.

“Together, we see huge potential in the market for intermodal connections, not only allowing airlines to extend their network to ground  transportation providers and thus being even more eco-friendly, but also allowing their customers to benefit from a larger number of connections to places their favourite airline does not fly to.”

Marc Cavaliere, president of AirlinePros International, added: “Dohop has been innovating since bringing virtual interlining into the market and this is just another great example of keeping ahead of  the industry and enhancing the passenger experience.

“In many countries rail is the obvious onward  connection from the airport so combining the two makes perfect sense from a passenger  convenience perspective.

“Intermodal can work for full service and low-cost carriers alike and this is  where the unique technology offered by Dohop which is open to all comes into play.

“In working with  Dohop this is another way that we at AirlinePros can assist our clients with new distribution solutions  that will lower their cost, lower the operating complexity while bringing in incremental new traffic.

“This is another step change for the future, and we are excited to work with our partners and Dohop on expanding Intermodal.”