Cirium partners with Trees4Travel to progress sustainable travel decision-making

Cirium partners with Trees4Travel to progress sustainable travel decision-making

Emerald Sky, Cirium's aircraft emissions platform delivers in flight emissions reporting

Aviation data analytics provider Ciricum has formed a strategic partnership with Trees4Travel, a pioneer in merging technology with business objectives to further environmental sustainability.  

The partnership is centered around the introduction of Cirium’s Emerald Sky, fully auditable aircraft emissions platform. 

Emerald Sky utilises "cutting-edge techniques" and Cirium’s access to exclusive data to precisely calculate the fuel consumption and CO2 output of aircraft. 

It considers factors including specific aircraft and engine configuration, age, flight duration (both physical taxi and airtime), and passenger and cargo load, providing a comprehensive calculation based on fuel burn as opposed to distance estimates. 

The precision in measuring aircraft CO2 emissions offers stakeholders valuable insights for developing far more effective CO2 reduction strategies.

Through this partnership, corporations will have the ability to modify travel practices by choosing flights with lower carbon emissions, which in turn helps reduce the environmental impact of business travel. 

It supports streamlined reporting on environmental efforts and accurately tracks progress towards achieving significant carbon reductions. 

As a result, Trees4Travel corporate customers can make smarter travel decisions, enhance their environmental disclosures and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting, and effectively benchmark their progress. 

“This partnership is a critical milestone in Cirium’s mission to provide the most comprehensive and accurate flight emissions tracking in the industry,” said Jeremy Bowen, CEO of Cirium.

“Cirium has significantly invested in the development of Emerald Sky, an advanced platform that leverages schedule information from over 900 airlines, updated 280,000 times daily, and fully auditable.”

"You cannot reduce what you do not measure - this collaboration takes carbon management to another level," said Nico Nicholas, CEO of Trees4Travel.

"We are absolutely delighted to offer Cirium’s leading technology - with the number of global air passengers expected to increase significantly over the next 30 years, together with corporate sustainability reporting regulations coming in thick and fast, Cirium’s scrupulous flight analytics being offered within our existing carbon calculators allows us to offer a whole suite of ultra sophisticated tools to measure emissions, from scope 1 to scope 4 (soon!)."

He added: "An important ‘string to our bow’ for both us and our TMC partners, backing that up with our nature and tech hybrid decarbonization programs means we have a world changing environmental offer’ said. CEO Nico Nicholas of Trees4Travel.