Brexit impact limited according to On the Beach poll

Brexit impact limited according to On the Beach poll

Half say EU departure will not affect their holiday plans Continue reading

Brexit will have limited impact on 2019 holiday plans for the majority of the British public, according to a new poll.

Half of people say the UK leaving the European Union will not affect their holiday plans.

And 86% plan to take the same number of holidays abroad or more in 2019 as they did this year.

Almost a third (32%) aim to take more foreign holidays next year than they did in 2018, compared to 27% who say they will be booking more holidays in the UK.

The survey of 1,000 consumers by On the Beach revealed that more than half (54%) are intent on enjoying the same number of holidays abroad in 2019, as they did this year.

Only 14% expect to take fewer foreign holidays next year.

Millennials are most likely to enjoy more overseas holidays next year, with 56% of 16-24-year olds saying they will increase the number of breaks they take outside of the UK. Just one in ten from the same age group plan on taking fewer holidays in 2019.

Almost nine out of ten (89%) will still book a European beach holiday next year, despite the recent announcement that there will be a fee of €7 for Britons travelling to the EU, post Brexit.

A minority (13%) will be looking at holidays outside Europe as a result of Brexit.

More than eight in ten (83%) will happily holiday abroad on Brexit day – March 29 – though uncertainties around Brexit mean that 17% will avoid being abroad on holiday on or around this day.

More than a quarter (26%) expect to increase their holiday spending in 2019, with 40% budgeting the same as this year.

A third plan to cut spending on holidays in 2019 and 12% would be willing to forego trips if they were forced to make financial cutbacks next year.

Meals out topped the list of items people would be willing to forego (38%), followed by nights on the town (35%).

Almost a quarter (23%) would happily sacrifice leisure activities, such as nights at the cinema or theatre, before giving up on their week in the sun.

They would also be willing to relinquish other major items, such as a new car (25%) and home improvements (20%).

The only thing more important than holidays is gifts for friends and family, with only 11% saying they would happily save money on these items if they were forced to make cut backs.

On the Beach marketing director Alan Harding said: “Our survey suggests that Brits largely do not expect Brexit to change their holiday plans for 2019, with the majority planning to take the same or more number of holidays abroad next year as they did in 2018.

“The results of our survey also show just how important holidays are for hard working Brits, with their week in the sun almost topping their list of disposable income spending priorities.”