Airline distribution consultancies Travel In Motion and Oystin join forces

Airline distribution consultancies Travel In Motion and Oystin join forces

Strategic partnership described as a ‘natural progression’ of many years of collaboration

by Avery Ketcherside

Independent airline distribution consultancies Travel In Motion and Oystin Partners have joined forces to create one team to collaborate on projects.

The partnership brings together eleven experienced aviation professionals with teams in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Together, the consultants have over 150 years of aviation industry experience, worked on over 60 distribution agreements, negotiated over 120 GDS agreements, and conducted several airline commercial system digital transformation programs.

Travel in Motion and Oystin Partners have worked with over 70 airlines on five continents, as well as technology vendors including Datalex, Datatrans, PCI Proxy, and PROS.

The firms have also worked with industry organisations such as the International Air Transport Association (Iata).

They said the new partnership will benefit airlines by offering strategy implementation, negotiation proportion cost recovery, content strategies, retail transformation, and NDC and ONE Order services.

Daniel Friedli, partner at Travel in Motion, said: “We are really very excited to confirm this strategic partnership today.

“This is a natural progression of many years of successful industry collaboration, mutual clients and mutual respect between ourselves.

“We look forward to adding even greater value to our aviation industry partners of every type by driving change in the industry with strategy, data and technology as our enablers – focusing on the future of distribution, retailing and customer centricity.”

Felix Dannegger, managing partner at Oystin Partners, added: “Together we are so much more than the sum of our parts.

“Jointly, we can solve a wider range of challenges – providing strategic, technological, and organisational advice, conducting negotiations and procurement on behalf of our clients covering the commercial and technology dimensions, as well as giving training.

“We will also provide these services with a holistic approach and a global presence, jointly addressing the interdependencies between airline businesses and commercial systems.

“Despite growing in stature our core values of rigorous analytics and intellectual honesty, combined with creativity and empathy, will remain unchanged – as will our strict policy of complete independence, integrity and customer focus – without any hidden interests.

“Thus, our joint work within the industry is driven by these values, which can be summarized as being an empathic, honest, neutral, but also challenging partner – driving the industry forward through thought leadership and best practices.”