Airline consolidator Sky Bird Travel rolls out OneWurld’s WINGS travel agent desktop

Airline consolidator Sky Bird Travel rolls out OneWurld’s WINGS travel agent desktop

New corporate booking platform has been developed by UK tech firm Snowstorm Technologies

North American airline consolidator Sky Bird Travel has rolled out the WINGS travel agent desktop to its 20,000 agencies.

WINGS was developed by OneWurld, a division of UK-based Snowstorm Technologies which has 60,000 users worldwide.

Sky Bird said WINGS provides travel agents with the tools to stay relevant, compete, drive sales, increase profitability and thrive in the post COVID-19 environment.

The desktop solution offers a B2B and B2B2C fully collaborative booking interface integrated with mid- and back-office.

It also includes an online corporate booking tool to help agents grow their corporate customer base and a marketing and lead generation platform to automatically drive new leads to the agent via social networks.

Arvin Shah, chairman and chief executive of Sky Bird, said: “We are delighted with the new platform and see this as a game changer in the industry.

“We have worked closely with OneWurld over the last several months to provide our agents the opportunity to combine their knowledge with what we consider the most powerful agent desktop in the world, integrated with the most compressive content enabling them to not only survive, but thrive in the post Covid-19 environment.”

Riaz Pisani, founder and chief strategy officer at OneWurld said: “At the onset of Covid-19, OneWurld set out to deliver the most comprehensive agent desktop Solution that would disrupt the new travel landscape. We set up several committees leveraging the talent within our global networks.

“The end result is the delivery of a revolutionary integrated travel retailing solution that provides corporate and leisure travel agents with the necessary tools to pivot, stay relevant, compete, grow, drive sales and increase profitability.

“The contribution by Sky Bird Travel to all our committees has been invaluable. I am very proud and honoured to partner with Sky Bird Travel to launch the portal to all the WINGS travel agents to provide them with the tools to succeed in the marketplace”

Neil Armorgie, OneWurld chief executive, added: “The future of the travel agent will increasingly require providing an omni channel strategy to sustain competitive differentiation.

“As consumers and technology alike continue to evolve, travel agents must invest in mission critical technologies to retain their customer base and attract new ones.

“We are proud that our unique travel technology platform is gaining massive traction across the globe, giving the power back to the agent and we are very excited about the partnership we have with Sky Bird Travel”.