Air Canada and Amadeus expand strategic partnership

Air Canada and Amadeus expand strategic partnership

Air Canada will implement Altéa NDC to optimise distribution via the Amadeus Travel Platform

As new distribution capability (NDC) technology continues to create new retailing opportunities for airlines around the world, Air Canada and Amadeus have expanded their long-standing partnership. 

Air Canada will enable access to its full range of NDC-sourced content through the Amadeus Travel Platform by leveraging Altéa NDC, Amadeus’ IT solution that enables airlines to provide enhanced travel retail experiences by distributing personalised and tailored offers. 

Additionally, the airline’s traditionally sourced content (EDIFACT) will be available worldwide to travel sellers and corporations that use the Amadeus Travel Platform.   

“Amadeus and Air Canada have a long-standing history of partnering to improve the travel experience and empower travel sellers,” says Mark Nasr, senior VP of products, marketing and eCommerce at Air Canada.

“We’re proud to take this significant next step by offering our NDC content for the first time through a GDS. Now, agencies and travel buyers will have access to our most complete range of content and be well-equipped for the introduction of new products and capabilities. 

“For buyers and travellers, this means their preferred agency, whether a local independent or large travel management provider, will be able to offer a broader range of rich Air Canada content, travel options and services via the Amadeus Travel Platform at the most competitive prices.”  

As an Amadeus Altéa customer for its passenger service system, Air Canada will benefit from a single passenger name record (PNR) for managing the end-to-end passenger experience. 

Other advantages include increased efficiency and seamless integration of Altéa NDC with the Amadeus Travel Platform, enabling travel sellers to efficiently shop, book and manage NDC-sourced travel content. 

“We’re pleased to build on our strategic partnership with Air Canada, providing the airline technology to manage distribution of its NDC content with full integration through the Amadeus Travel Platform,” said Rajiv Rajian, executive VP and chief commercial officer, Americas, Amadeus. 

“It is important to us that our travel seller customers have choice and access to the best offers via the Amadeus Travel Platform. With our expanded partnership, Air Canada will have the capabilities to distribute tailored and enriched offers and will provide Amadeus travel seller customers with its full range of NDC content.” 

Over the last decade, Amadeus and Air Canada have worked together to introduce a modern reservation system, new and expanded website and mobile app functionalities, a loyalty shopping and redemption experience, and expanded connectivity to dozens of partner airlines around the world.