US rail firm Brightline adopts Accelya’s airline revenue management tech

US rail firm Brightline adopts Accelya’s airline revenue management tech

Eco-friendly train operator seeks to tap into expertise from the aviation sector

Revenue management specialist Accelya has agreed to partner with US eco-friendly intercity rail provider Brightline.

The deal will see Brightline use Accelya’s FLX Platform which offers inventory control and reporting tools.

Accelya said it will enable Brightline to create a “modern retailing experience where prices are adjusted according to demand and willingness to pay”.

Accelya’s software is currently used by more than 80 of the world’s airlines, including full-service carriers such as Iberia and Air Europa, to optimise revenue.

Brightline’s approach to revenue management has been influenced by the aviation sector and forms part of a longer-term strategy that includes its use of an airline-based passenger service system (PSS).

Ben Druce, head of RM account management and sales at Accelya Americas, said:

“Airlines have long been pioneers in the revenue management space and now smart, forward-thinking providers of other transport options like Brightline – who operate in a competitive transport landscape, competing with both air and car options for travellers – are keen to benefit from our knowledge of providing revenue management solutions to many of the world’s leading airlines.

“As a result, Brightline’s revenue management team can now use dynamic visualizations and a powerful user-friendly reporting tool to efficiently review and action hundreds of trains per day and are no longer so reliant on historical data that in these pandemic times is of much less value,”

Sean Beason, director of pricing and yield from Brightline Trains, said: “Accelya will enable us to streamline our revenue management processes and work more efficiently, while at the same time continuously optimizing our revenue streams using real-time data integrations.”