Recoup PCR holiday costs by renting your house, suggests UnderTheDoormat

Recoup PCR holiday costs by renting your house, suggests UnderTheDoormat

Short-term rentals site says COVID-19 tests could costs families up to £1,428

London private home rental site UnderTheDoormat is promoting its service to holidaymakers looking to recoup the costs of COVID-19 tests to travel abroad.

The firm says renting out their home while they are on holiday is a way for families to offset what can be the considerable cost of having to take multiple tests.

UnderTheDoormat said the potential costs to travel to most countries on the ‘green’ and ‘amber’ lists from the UK this summer are:

  • PCR test prior to leaving the UK = £109 per person
  • Antigen test prior to returning to the UK = £59 per person
  • Day 2 and Day 8 PCR tests to be taken following return to UK = £189 per person


  • Test to Release Day 5 Swab Test following return to UK = £109 per person

This means for a family of four of two adults and two children over the age of 11 that adds up to £1,108 or £1,428, depending on which test they opt for on their return to the UK.

On average London homeowners could earn £1,500 while they are away for a two-week holiday (based on a 3 or 4 bedroomed house) by renting their property.

UnderTheDoormat chief executive Merilee Karr, said: “For many families, the additional costs of having to fund the required COVID tests could prove too expensive to make a holiday abroad viable.

“But, with the help of expert and professional property management companies like UnderTheDoormat, families can offset the costs of the tests by renting out their own homes to visitors.

“We take care of the bookings, the payments, the management of the guests and the insurance so that families can leave safe in the knowledge that their home will be cared for whilst they enjoy their well-earned break.

“With COVID testing expected to continue for most traditional holiday destinations for the foreseeable future, more people may decide that they are happy to pay for the tests if they can recoup that by renting out their own home while they are away.

“For some people, it might be the first time they have thought about renting out their own home, but it could well be something that they decide to do every time they go on holiday.”