Iconic Madrid Riu hotel becomes first to open doors in Altspace Metaverse

Iconic Madrid Riu hotel becomes first to open doors in Altspace Metaverse

The virtual Riu Plaza España opens in Microsoft's AltSpace as part of the Spanish hotel operator's strategy to embrace the opportunities of the metaverse and Web 3.0

Iconic Madrid hotel Riu Plaza España has become the first property to open a virtual premises in Microsoft’s AltSpace metaverse.

Operator Riu Hotels & Resorts says it wants to be a pioneer in the metaverse, the emerging virtual world and evolution of the internet for a more immersive Web 3.0 future.

The virtual Riu Plaza España reflects the service and facilities of the real world hotel including Michael, the receptionist, and views of Madrid from the rooftop terrace.

The hotel has become the first to open its doors in the metaverse and has also introduced innovative solutions that combine reality and digital recreation in AltSpace. 

Riu worked with digital agency La Agencia Encubierta to create previously unseen construction features, as well as real elements that interact with guests in the digital environment. 

Joan Trian Riu, corporate executive director of Riu Hotels & Resorts, said: “We are extremely proud of this new project and are certain that this is just the beginning. 

“Thanks to technology and creativity, we will be able to continue designing experiences, entertainment content, virtual events and different ways of doing business. 

“We are very close to visitors being able to make a booking in the metaverse with our receptionist by using voice commands. 

“The virtual Riu Plaza España is a highly valuable asset for the RIU brand, and we are only just beginning to see its true potential.” 

Virtual guests will be able to visit several areas of the hotel and see details of decoration and architectural elements in spaces like the lobby, the rooftop terrace or the walkway that hangs 100 metres above the ground. 

Users can pick up, open and click on a number of elements of the virtual property and interact with a few surprises including hidden prize for the first visitors.

José Olivares, chief strategy officer of La Agencia Encubierta, said: “This is honestly one of the best projects that we have worked on at La Agencia Encubierta. 

“In terms of development and user experience, Riu Plaza España in AltSpace is truly unique. The combination of real images and digital design, on top of the possibility of not just visiting a suite but also making a booking, are highly innovative. 

“What’s more, we were able to faithfully recreate such an iconic building in Madrid as we had access to the plans used for the architectural reconstruction and worked with one of the most renowned builders in the AltSpace environment worldwide.

“We are very proud of having achieved such a high level of interactive presence for the RIU brand in this phase of the project.”