First airlines go live with Skyscanner’s new options and ancillaries direct booking experience

First airlines go live with Skyscanner’s new options and ancillaries direct booking experience

Mobile optimised Fare Families designed to increase conversion rates on site’s Direct Booking platform

A new airfare retailing experience launched by Skyscanner is allowing airlines to show all options and ancillaries at the start of the customer journey.

The metasearch site’s new Fare Families functionality has been optimised for mobile within the firm’s direct booking platform.

Skyscanner said it has been designed to “maximise fare revenue by presenting travellers with more information upfront so they can make informed and value-based booking decisions”.

Accessible pricing (51%) and clear airline policies (49%) were named as the top types of information travellers would look for once COVID restrictions were lifted, according to a Skyscanner survey.

Aeroflot and Westjet are among the first carriers to go live with the new service.

Content sits in a branded, mobile optimised interface and there is no need for re-directs to complete the final purchase.

Norwegian, Singapore Airlines, S7 and Virgin Atlantic will be the next tranche of airlines able to display their own fare options and ancillaries to travellers on the platform.

Cat King, commercial director at Skyscanner, said: “The travel industry is at the beginning of a recovery journey and as part of that journey we want to set our airline partners up for success.

“Fare Families, available within our Direct Booking platform, will not only help to increase conversion rates but also maximise fare revenues during this critical time.

“As the shift to mobile accelerates, travellers will demand more choice and information upfront, as well as simpler and faster ways to book using their phones.

“Skyscanner is at the forefront in providing these solutions for our partners and travellers alike.”

Skyscanner says 40 million travellers now have an account with the site allowing them to save their details and have them pre-filled when booking.

It claims airline partners have seen conversion improvements ranging from 75% to 185% through the direct booking platform.

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