Coronavirus: Start-up UpStay develops interactive hotel reopening map

Hotel Reopen Map will track reopenings as coronavirus restrictions ease

An interactive map that tracks hotel reopenings has been developed by B2B hospitality sector solutions developer start-up UpStay.

The firm says the map will help both hoteliers and travellers to find reopening date of the hotels where they plan to spend their holidays.

The concept for the map came from Tzafrir Blonder, chief executive of UpStay, after he found it difficult to find a clear view of the state of hotel reopenings after the coronavirus restrictions.

Hotel Reopen Map is a collaborative platform that tracks reopenings by sharing updated information.

Hoteliers can add their property through a simple form allowing users to immediately see which hotels are open in the area they want to visit.

UpStay said: “The objective of this tool is to make it easier for hoteliers to return to their work after the Coronavirus.

“The tool is useful for both service providers in the hotel industry as well as for guests who wish to explore available hotels and on what dates they plan to open in each geographic area.”

UpStay is a solution that allows users to bid for upgrades. It says it that unlocks untapped hotel revenue and enhances the guest experience.