Cheval Collection serviced apartments upgrades app with Criton partnership

Cheval Collection serviced apartments upgrades app with Criton partnership

App users can retrieve booking confirmations and check-in

Luxury serviced apartments operator Cheval Collection has updated its mobile app as part of its partnership with Criton.

The firm has launched of an enhanced version of its smartphone app this month using Criton’s latest technology integrated with RMS Cloud property management software.

Users of the app can now retrieve booking confirmation in the app and check-in on arrival.

Criton said the collaboration will “boost direct revenue, enhance guest engagement and offer a more personalised guest experience”.

Julie Grieve, founder and chief executive of Criton, said: “As an early adopter of Criton’s technology, it’s fantastic to see how Cheval Collection has embraced new integrations to deliver a truly enhanced guest journey.

“From our 2019 research, we know that nearly 60% of guests want to check-in via a mobile app. With large chains adopting this technology already, Criton’s platform lets independents wholly compete with global brands.

“At a time of ongoing change for the hospitality industry, using technology to increase in-stay spend and direct revenues is critical to help businesses overcome the challenges they face.”

George Westwell, chief executive of Cheval Collection, added: “Our guest experience is always of the upmost importance to us and we’re delighted that with Criton’s new technology we’ve built an app that is helping us support the entire guest journey.

“As we expand our portfolio of properties – with the recent addition of the newly refurbished Cheval Gloucester Park, Kensington – it’s particularly beneficial for us to put our brand on our guests’ phone and be able to show all our properties within one single platform guests can easily engage with.”

The new Cheval App, available on Apple and Google Play Stores, integrates with the RMS Cloud Property Management System which was installed across the Cheval network last year.

RMS Cloud technology enables Cheval Collection staff to manage all key admin and distribution functions through a single cloud-based platform, increasing productivity.

Peter Ferris, global director sales and marketing of RMS Cloud, said: “Mobile check-in is a non-negotiable for many travellers in 2020 and we’re pleased to partner with Criton on this project. The Criton app offers a great range of functions that customers these days have come to expect”

Cheval Collection launched its first mobile app using Criton’s guest engagement technology in August 2018.

Since then, the app has helped the luxury collection drive more digital guest engagement and increase direct and repeat bookings.