Cendyn launched group sales and operations tool for hotels

Cendyn launched group sales and operations tool for hotels

Microsites save event planners time and frustration answering queries

Cendyn has launched a redesigned ePlanner group sales and operations tool for hotels.

Cendyn’s ePlanner is an online resource library for hoteliers that mobilises unlimited information.

The company said it saves hotel event planners “time and frustration” by addressing questions about the event planning process, from banquet options and room maximums to security, parking and more, on a microsite available 24/7.

Due to internationalisation and global brands, and even for independent properties, the days of outdated word documents are gone.

Hotels and venues can now craft content, update pertinent information and upsell their competitive advantages on the fly.

As a bonus, the ePlanner platform is also integrated within Cendyn’s eProposal and eMenus tools.

Featuring an all-new look and feel, Cendyn’s ePlanner tool is now fully-branded to each hotel and features a responsive and innovative design.

Refined editor tools offer a stronger tool box with rich text editing and easier image selection, and staff can now publish in real-time, quickly export content and integrate with social media.

Robin Deyo, enterprise business officer at Cendyn, said: “Hotels have long relied on us as an innovator for group sales and I’m excited to say after months of hard work and research, we’re delivering an updated tool that will change the game for hotel event planners.

“With our new ePlanner platform, we’re making it possible for group sales and operations professionals to deliver beautiful, detailed content consistently and quickly, which will make working with their venue a pleasure.

“I could not be prouder to see this solution continue to grow to meet the needs of both our customers and their planners.”