Caravan Sitefinder to get online booking facility as part of investment by new owner

Caravan Sitefinder to get online booking facility as part of investment by new owner

The site was acquired by Bristol-based Michael Paul Holidays this month

Michael Paul Holidays has vowed to invest substantial amounts into newly acquired website Caravan Sitefinder as it looks to take advantage of the UK staycation boom.

Caravan Sitefinder was established just over 25 years ago, lists and describes over 6,000 parks and claims to have over one million annual visitors.

Michael Paul Holidays chief executive Michael Paul said an online booking facility will be added to the site to create the largest park holiday sales platform in Britain.

It will operate in tandem with online holiday property website Michael Paul Holidays which is based in Bristol and launched 12 years ago.

Paul said: “This acquisition is destined to be a game-changer for parks and consumers, and comes at a point when UK staycations are enjoying a massive renaissance.

“Park businesses realise that in order to secure their fair share of this booming market, they must achieve as high an exposure as possible to prospective customers.

“Our two platforms, Caravan Sitefinder and Michael Paul Holidays, now make this an economically realistic goal for park enterprises of all types and sizes.

“As well as providing holiday parks with strong online presence, our two sites offer a high quality environment for owners and operators to market their products.

“From the customer’s perspective, they will now be able to search, compare and book their stays or holiday home purchases based on an unparalleled resource of up-to-the-minute data.

“The synergy between these two websites means that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and we see a very exciting future for everyone involved.”

Paul added visitor numbers for both websites have increased significantly this year and are continuing to rise this winter.

“All the indications are that 2021 will be a staycation year like no other, and that many more Britons than ever will be shunning foreign travel and committing to a UK holiday.

“Their expectation will be to go online to research and book their stay in an easy, seamless and professional manner – which is just the experience we will be delivering,” Paul said.

Caravan Sitefinder was acquired this month from Tribalogic, the developers of holiday park property management system Bookster.