Brera Serviced Apartments gains market agility with SIHOT and IDeaS

Brera Serviced Apartments gains market agility with SIHOT and IDeaS

Group will optimise rates and operations with integrated PMS and RMS solutions

Germany-based serviced apartment group has announced its partnership with SIHOT and IDeaS to utilise its PMS and RMS solutions to reduce workload and ensure optimal pricing.

The new two-way direct integration between SIHOT.PMS and IDeaS RMS will provide Brera Serviced Apartments with visibility of future demand for more strategic decision‐making.

SIHOT.PMS enables the serviced apartment group with in-depth data and IDeaS' RMS provides pricing agility.

The switch to automated tasks means rates are now managed more effectively, “balancing the need to attract long-stay guests while capitalising on short‐term booking opportunities and high-demand periods”, as well as allowing the team to redirect their time to strategic initiatives for better use of resources. 

Brera will gain a “deeper understanding” of customer behaviour to recognise demand patterns, contributing to “more effective marketing strategies” and personalised guest experiences. 

They will now be able to define more specific market segmentations, at a granular level, and dissect each segment's performance to understand where revenue is attributed. 

Amelie Nussdorfer, revenue manager of Brera Apartments, said: “Due to the industry's rapid growth, manual pricing is no longer an effective or reliable strategy. 

“The effect of our investment has been cumulative, as our hotels are recording higher rates while taking a hands‐off approach to setting them.

Carsten Wernet, chief executive of SIHOT, said: "Thanks to our flexible platform, SIHOT can handle the different rate structures offered by IDeaS and provide the data needed to work with them. 

“The integration of SIHOT and IDeaS has brought about a fundamental change in how the Brera team handles data.

"Brera has now automated manual and labour-intensive data management tasks, increasing efficiency and providing them with actionable insights. 

“We're continually exploring with our partners how we can further improve the efficiency of our PMS data to help our hotel customers maximise their commercial potential.”