Airbnb joins European Travel Commission to promote sustainable tourism

Airbnb joins European Travel Commission to promote sustainable tourism

Initiative designed to ensure promote local, diverse and sustainable travel

Airbnb has joined the European Travel Commission (ETC) as an associate member to promote healthy tourism across the continent.

The initiative is designed to ensure tourism in Europe is local, authentic, diverse, inclusive, and sustainable.

The ETC works to boost sustainable tourism development in Europe raising awareness of  lesser known destinations and promoting local experiences and off-season travel.

Airbnb will work with the ETC on new marketing opportunities and the development of community-led travel experiences across Europe.

The peer-to-peer pioneer will provide insights on the sharing economy with ETC through thought leadership events and joint research on tourism trends in Europe.

Eduardo Santander, ETC executive director, said: “We’re delighted that Airbnb have joined the European Travel Commission as an Associate Member.

“The promotion of sustainable growth in the European tourism sector is at the core of the ETC’s strategy and we believe that Airbnb’s membership will allow both organisations to work better on this common objective, for the benefit of all tourists.”

Patrick Robinson, Airbnb director of public policy, EMEA, added: “We are proud to be joining ETC to advance our mission to build an end-to-end travel company that allows more people to have authentic, sustainable and local travel experiences.

“We have a long history of working with Destination Marketing Organisations across Europe, from partnering to drive tourism growth through Airbnb Experience and sharing insights into travel trends to promoting rural destinations.

“We hope by working together with ETC, we can continue to build on their work to promote Europe, while providing an economic boost to local families, small businesses and the communities they call home”.