Writerbuddy.ai research shows ChatGPT dominates AI tool space

Writerbuddy.ai research shows ChatGPT dominates AI tool space

Character AI is the second closest at 3.8 billion users

AI content writing tool writerbuddy.ai has unveiled that ChatGPT is the most visited AI tool of 2023 in its recent study titled 50 Most Visited AI Tools of 2023.

The comprehensive guide deep dives into the AI tools that are shaping our digital interactions today. 

The team at writerbuddy.ai analysed the AI tools and focused on monthly traffic, growth and overall market presence. 

The evaluation was based on traffic data sourced from SEO tool, SEMrush.

AI tools were then ranked from the most to the least visited, each marking its impact on the digital ecosystem. 

This methodology shows the growth trajectories and user base preferences, providing insights into which AI tools are leading the tech wave and why.

Its findings spotlighted ChatGPT's supremacy in the AI tool sector, with 14 billion visits and seizing 60% of traffic within the top 50 AI platforms. 

This averages at 1.5 billion visits every month, and a positive net traffic growth of 1.8 billion, translating to an average monthly growth of 195.1 million visits.

Meanwhile, rising stars like Character AI, Google Bard, and Perplexity AI collectively hold a noteworthy 18.69% of the chatbot market's monthly visits, underscoring a fierce rivalry in the realm of AI innovation.

Character AI came in second with a total of 3.8 billion visits and Quillbot at 1.1 million. 

Midjourney had 500.4 million users, while Huggingface had 316.6 million and Google's Bard had 241.6 million.

The analysis revealed that ChatGPT dominates the AI tool sector with an Average Usage Duration of 30 minutes, while it's the most popular in the US, followed by India and Brazil.

The study also found that it was heavily dominated by one gender, as 74.16% of the user base is male and mobile devices were the preferred means of access for 58% of ChatGPT's users.