United Points partners with Trip Affiliates for global hotel booking services

United Points partners with Trip Affiliates for global hotel booking services

Over a million properties will be made available to loyalty programme members

United Points (UP) has agreed a deal to work with Trip Affiliates Network (TA Network) to offer global online hotel booking services on its loyalty platforms. 

Through this partnership, the hotel booking platform will supply over a million accommodation properties for direct booking using UP Points.

Since 2014, UP has provided businesses with a plug-and-play turnkey loyalty commerce solution to retain and engage customers and employees. 

It is now used by more than one million customers in Singapore and Malaysia. TA Network is a cloud-based technology provider in the travel and hospitality sector. 

Its distribution solutions and connectivity services connect Asia Pacific travel wholesalers, operators and destination management companies onto a single open travel ecosystem.

UP can contract and book directly with TA Network hotel affiliates as well as gain access to competitive global travel content from the firm’s partners. 

UP’s business clients will have access to additional tools to increase sales by rewarding loyal customers with discounts or other incentives while improving customer retention.

Vincent Li, chief operating officer at UP, said: “Participating companies can provide more personalised consumer experiences, evolve their loyalty programs to stay current with customer expectations and help drive business value by creating loyal, lifelong customers. 

“Loyalty commerce technology allows companies to evolve their loyalty programs from a transactional to a human-centric approach capable of creating personalised, relationship-building moments with each customer.”

Josef Foo, TA Network’s managing partner, added: “Our collaboration with UP is another strategic initiative to provide TA Network affiliate hotels and partners with alternative online distribution channels to launch discrete promotions without impacting online pricing. 

“UP’s private online community of business customers and employees will benefit from the easy conversion of their UP reward and loyalty points to book their favourite hotels and activities at competitive or preferential pricing.

“Customers are looking for a blended advanced loyalty management product that represents the next generation of loyalty and gives companies the freedom to create, evolve and measure a loyalty program that is capable of providing personalized and engaging offerings.”