Research finds only 20% of British SMEs are investing in green energy solutions

Research finds only 20% of British SMEs are investing in green energy solutions

One in ten business leaders highlight lack of information as main barrier

YouGov research commissioned by ScottishPower has found that only one in five of the nation’s SMEs have invested in green energy solutions including solar panels, battery storage, heat pumps and electric vehicle charging points. 

The survey of senior decision makers found an intention among some SMEs to invest in sustainable tech with 23% confirming they have sustainability targets in place for the next five years or are working towards achieving net zero emissions by 2050, in line with current UK Government targets.

Despite the growing need for SMEs to achieve net zero, the findings highlight that one in ten business leaders who have not invested in green energy solutions feel there is a lack of information and it is a barrier to taking steps to curb their carbon footprint. 

Over a third (34%) say the high cost involved has stopped their business from adopting green energy solutions so far.

On the back of this research, ScottishPower has prepared new advice on how using green solutions can help businesses reduce their carbon emissions and improve their finances. 

ScottishPower is the first major UK energy company to generate 100% renewable electricity and is working to support Britain’s 5.5 million SMEs decarbonise through the new guidance.

Mark Bowen, sales and marketing director of ScottishPower, said: “This new research highlights the challenges for SMEs looking to achieve net zero but with our guide we hope business leaders can seize the opportunities that exist from adopting green energy solutions.

“We want to help businesses to decarbonise and support their transition away from fossil fuels to a low carbon future. 

“From short-term wins to help business leaders take control of energy usage through to longer-term solutions that accelerate their journey to net zero, the new guide is focussed on supporting businesses to make the right choices.”