IdeaS announces Fabian Specht Future Revenue Innovator Scholarship winners

IdeaS announces Fabian Specht Future Revenue Innovator Scholarship winners

JeongHoo Lee and Alexandre Martin are pursuing a hospitality management education

IDeaS, an SAS company and provider of hospitality revenue management software and services, announced today the winners of the Fabian Specht future revenue innovator scholarship. 

The scholarships have been awarded to two international EHL students pursuing a hospitality management education, JeongHoo Lee and Alexandre Martin.

In addition to their studies, both students are working towards career development.   

Lee is a gold student ambassador, a marketing and recruitment student assistant in APAC for EHL, and a trainee consultant at KPMG.   

Martin is currently a part-time consultant at junior enterprise EHL, carrying out business plans, market research, and feasibility studies for external companies, both within and outside the hospitality industry.

IDeaS committed €18,000 (£15,600) to be awarded annually beginning with the 2022-23 academic year. 

EHL is the world-leading hospitality management university according to QS rankings, with campuses in Switzerland and Singapore. 

The scholarships are awarded to students seeking EHL’s bachelor of science in international hospitality management. Two additional scholarships are available. EHL is currently searching for qualified students who have studies that will start this September.

JeongHoo Lee said, “I would like to thank IDEAS and EHL for granting me this honour, but above all, I respect and admire the vision of Fabian Specht future revenue manager scholarship for not only providing aid for students but also fostering the industry by helping future hospitality leaders grow. 

“I will not take this scholarship for granted and continue to strive and thrive to become a successful hotelier.”

Alexandre Martin added, "Thanks to this amazing scholarship, I have been able to take advantage of the variety of services offered by EHL, such as experiencing the different F&B outlets, as well as properly settling into my new shared apartment on campus by completing the kitchen and bedroom equipment. 

“In addition, this grant relieves the pressure of my student loan and will allow me to look for a job upon graduation that meets my professional expectations, rather than just financial requirements."

Dr. Ravi Mehrotra, president, founder, and chief scientist, IDeaS, concluded, “As we continue the legacy of Fabian, we are thrilled to assist in the educational needs of students looking to thrive in the hospitality field. 

“All of us at IDeaS congratulate these two deserving students, and I am certain Fabian would be proud to know that his legacy lives on.”

The scholarship was created in memory of EMEA-area vice president of IDeaS Fabian Specht who passed away unexpectedly in December 2019.