ChatBot-X powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service speaks at Con-X 2023

ChatBot-X powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service speaks at Con-X 2023

Event took place in Mallorca on May 10 2023

Mallorca is once again at the centre of the global B2B hotel distribution scene thanks to Con-X 2023. 

On 10 May, more than 350 executives representing the most influential companies in the hotel distribution industry arrived at the conference to discuss new technological trends in the market and the use of artificial intelligence; its personalisation and depersonalisation.

"Uncut: Now it's personal" has opened the doors to inspiring personal experiences that have succeeded against all odds.

Silvia Leal moderated the panel discussion on technology and innovation in the travel industry, where GPT models within Azure OpenAI Service and other Microsoft Cognitive Services brought ChatBot-X to life and were joined by other leading travel industry and technology experts such as Daniel Hansens (Slack), Aroa Fernandez (Microsoft), Iñaki Fuentes (Quonversa), and Shiyi Pickrell (Expedia). 

The TravelgateX CON-X conference is a leading event in the travel industry, bringing together more than 350 leaders and experts in technology, innovation and tourism from around the world. 

This year's edition is set to be even more exciting, with a wide range of sessions and discussions on cutting-edge topics. 

"This time, speakers will delve into personalisation, how the AI-powered chatbot revolution is already affecting travel and how it will develop in the future," says Pedro Camara, CEO of TravelgateX.