CannyApp to target 3% cashback card users with in-destination Facebook ads

CannyApp to target 3% cashback card users with in-destination Facebook ads

Start-up will use the social network to maximise card use by holidaymakers

Start-up holiday cash provider CannyApp has developed a series of Facebook ads to target card holders while on holiday.

The firm worked with fellow start-up The Content Gym to create a series of short videos that will be targeted at holidaymakers using the social media site during their trip.

CannyApp is working with B2B partners to drive a new revenue stream for foreign exchange with its 3% cashback offer for all overseas spending on their Mastercard cashcards.

The firm says its television quality Facebook campaign has been produced for just £5,000 and will cost just 10p per play, making it an affordable way for firms to engage clients.

The videos remind customers to top up their cashcards so they can pay for in-destination holiday activities like car hire, eating out, activities, spa treatments and shopping.

CannyApp managing director Jane Atkins said: “Before departure our primary contact method remains email, however when people are on holiday, who wants to look at their email?

“Research shows that Facebook activity increases 300% on holiday, as holidaymakers post more photos and browse more whilst having a relaxing drink by the pool.

“Therefore, Facebook advertising is precisely the medium travel companies should be focusing on in resort, but few do.”

The adverts will only shown to CannyApp customers who have facebook cookies dropped on their phones when using the card.

Facebook automatically recognises when people are out of the UK which, combined with holiday departure dates captured in the sign-up process, allows precise targeting in resort.

Atkins added: “We work closely with travel partners to use customer departure dates, to focus sign-up messaging for CannyApp’s 3% cashback Mastercard limiting this activity to the period 28 to seven days before departure, when research shows customer consideration of holiday foreign exchange needs is at its highest.

“CannyApp pay a hefty 1% of the lifetime none sterling spend of the card, to the partner (£35 on average) for this promotion, but this is balanced by lower customer acquisition costs than competitors.

“It then becomes CannyApp’s responsibility to drive card load and spend hard, which we do via an extensive email and Facebook advertising activity, before and during each holiday.”

Paul Edwards, managing director of The Content Gym, said: “The cost of facebook advertising is £3 to 4.50 per 1,000 impressions, giving an average video play cost of around 10p per customer, which is incredible value for a highly focused video advert.

“Secondly, with the production cost of online TV advertising crashing due to new technology, The Content Gym was able to produce and set up the entire campaign for under £5,000, which brings the concept into most travel companies budgets.”